May 7 – Owner Of The King Resignes

The 3 CD set “The King” popped up; another public domain CD release, this time from Ireland.

Robert F.X. Sillerman Resigned

CKx, Inc. announced today that Robert F.X. Sillerman has resigned as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and from the Company’s board, effective immediately. CKx, Inc. is the owner of the rights to Elvis Presley. 

Mr. Sillerman cited as the reason for his resignation a desire to pursue other interests, including the possible acquisition of CKx as well as a desire to allow the Board to evaluate its strategic options should he pursue such an acquisition. 

Unique Roustabout Single Sold

Collectors from all over the world have placed not less than 90 bids on a unique “Roustabout” single. This 45 rpm record on the Paramount Pictures label seems to be an alternative take. The eBay-seller even added an excerpt of both sides (click link below).

However, completely new it is not. On this promo is the master of Roustabout, on the other side is an alternate take of Roustabout. Don’t be affraid you missed it because this alternate take is released on LP Memphis Tennesse in 1982 (Audifon 67670). But it’s still a highly sought after release. It sold for a little over 1,100 $US.

Burning Star

The Portuguese Burning Love fan club published their May / June 2010 fan club magazine. 

(Source: Commercial Appeal / ElvisMatters / Elvis Info Network)


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